An introduction to Vinh Hoan

It’s still early days for the aquaculture industry. Yet aquaculture is already playing a vital role in the global economy and holds vast potential as a source of sustainable nutrition and wellness products. Developing that potential is the focus of Vinh Hoan. As an international leader in sustainable aquaculture, Vinh Hoan leads both by example with our own products and by education with our research division. The more our business succeeds, the more aquaculture succeeds – and that’s everybody’s business.

Our visionfor a better world - and how we're getting there

Consumers should not have to choose between feeding their family and sustaining the environment. We believe both are possible if aquaculture can be developed in a manner that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. Meeting this challenge is the goal of every employee at Vinh Hoan and is the focus of our work and innovation across each of our three divisions.

  • Vinh Foods – Providing premium seafood from sustainable aquaculture
  • Vinh Aquaculture – Helping advance sustainable tropical aquaculture with a combination of research, development, education, and on-site training
  • Vinh Wellness – Providing premium wellness products derived from sustainable aquaculture

Aquaculture is an industry still in its infancy, yet it offers tremendous promise. Done right, it can create jobs, stimulate local economies, feed the world, and provide innovative wellness products in a way that’s both environmentally and economically sustainable.

The world we envision is one where aquaculture is the norm, providing an abundant supply of safe food and wellness products without environmental or economic trade-offs. That’s the mission we’ve set for ourselves at Vinh Hoan. We’ve already made remarkable strides, successfully pioneering new approaches to sustainable aquaculture, environmental protection, and workforce development. But, our journey is just beginning.

The story ofVinh Hoan

The story of Vinh Hoan is the story of one working mother’s desire to make a difference for her family, her community, and the world’s food chain.

Truong Thi Le Khanh was born on the Mekong Delta in 1961. Her parents had a small fish farm, where Mrs. Khanh worked as a child. From the start, she was enamored with food and healthy cooking. She wanted to become a chef, but lacked the opportunity to pursue her passion professionally. Instead, she attended the University of Finance and Accounting in Ho Chi Minh City. After graduation, she worked for many years as financial controller for state-owned fish farms. There, she learned about the aquaculture industry and the important role it would play in the world’s future.

Mrs. Khanh, Vinh Hoan's founder, pictured here with the company's first employee in 1997.

Mrs. Khanh, pictured here in 2016 with Vinh Hoan’s CEO, Vi Tam

As privatization of the aquaculture industry became more widespread in the mid-1990’s, Mrs. Khanh decided to leave her job with the state and start her own aquaculture business. Her vision wasn’t just to raise and sell fish. She wanted to use her passion for food combined with fifteen years of experience in aquaculture to make a difference and create the kind of company her baby daughter could grow up to be proud of.

With that as her starting point, Mrs. Khanh adopted the most advanced aquaculture techniques and farming practices, then worked tirelessly to improve them. To ensure the entire process met her standards, Mrs. Khanh developed the company in a vertically-integrated fashion.

Her formula worked. What started as one small fish farm soon grew to one of the largest aquaculture firms in the country and the largest pangasius producer in the world. In 2007, the company was introduced on the Vietnamese Stock Market. Forbes magazine has recognized Vinh Hoan as one of the best publicly-traded companies in Vietnam and Mrs. Khanh as one of the country’s top ten successful businesswomen.

Today, Mrs. Khanh is actively pursuing her passion for delicious and healthy food as Vinh Hoan’s Chairperson. The company has changed a lot over the years, but Mrs. Khanh’s focus remains the same today as it was in 1997— challenging convention to create a world where sustainable aquaculture practices become the norm for creating both products and prosperity.

Vinh HoanTimeline

Meet our management team

Truong Thi Le Khanh


Nguyen Ngo Vi Tam

Chief Executive Officer

Nguyen Thi Kim Dao

Finance Director

Ho Thanh Hue

Production Director

Huynh Duc Trung

Director General

Dang Thi Thuong

Director of Sustainability

Huynh Thi Tuyet Nga

Director of Van Duc Tien Giang

Vo Phu Duc

Director of Vinh Wellness

Build a sustainable career

Does the vision and mission of Vinh Hoan inspire you? If so, we’d like to hear from you. Vinh Hoan has won countless accolades for its business and technical achievements in aquaculture. But, we’re just as proud of the innovations we’ve introduced in the way we treat our employees and our community.

We offer an open and diversified work environment that has broken through many traditional barriers to advancement. We also acknowledge a responsibility beyond our own walls. That’s why Vinh Hoan participates in many outreach initiatives that give back to the communities in which we operate.

To learn more about Vinh Hoan and career opportunities with us, click on the link below.


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