Vinh Wellness Collagen

Single-source freshwater collagen peptides

Vinh Wellness Collagen is a pure, pharmaceutical-grade collagen peptide derived from our own sustainably farmed, food- grade, tropical, freshwater fish — an extremely stable, fully traceable source.

Unique characteristics

Vinh Wellness Collagen is derived from one species of freshwater, tropical fish called pangasius hypophthalmus. That gives Vinh Wellness collagen a unique and highly beneficial amino acid profile. Vinh Wellness Collagen is characterized by high concentrations of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which represent 50% of total amino acids.

The table below compares the composition of Vinh Wellness Collagen to bovine or porcine sources, as well as to fish-based sources. Note that Vinh Wellness Collagen shares many of the qualities of terrestrial-sources along with all the benefits of conventional marine sources.

Additional benefits of Vinh Wellness Collagen

Vinh Wellness Collagen is highly soluble and 100% natural, containing no artificial colors, flavors, additives, or preservatives. It is also free of fat, carbs, sugar, and cholesterol. Unlike collagen from ocean fish, Vinh Wellness Collagen is low in sodium. In addition, Vinh Wellness Collagen is Halal certified and free of pork or beef products. That means Vinh Wellness Collagen is widely accepted across cultures and religions.


Suitable applications

1. Health and Wellness

Vinh Wellness Collagen is easily absorbed by the body, and helps:

  • Maintain connective tissues
  • Build muscle
  • Enhance joint structure


For nutritional and dietary products, Vinh Wellness Collagen is well suited for:

  • Amino acid supplements
  • Weight management products
  • Any product aimed at preventing wrinkles and promoting healthy, smoother, younger-looking skin

3. Cosmeceutical

For beauty care and anti-aging products, Vinh Wellness Collagen:

  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Enhances water absorption capacity
  • Aids in wrinkle reduction

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