Single-sourceCollagen Peptides and Gelatin

Good for the planet. Better for your brand. Best for your customers.

When producing collagen peptide and gelatin, the raw ingredients effect the purity, efficacy, and safety of the end product. Raw ingredients are mainly derived from the refuse of food processing operations. While most producers try to maintain a standard of quality for these raw ingredients, there is only so much that can be controlled. That’s because the raw ingredients are sourced from third-party slaughterhouses or fish- processing plants.


Marine collagen faces even greater hurdles in this regard. That’s because each fish species has a different amino acid profile, which effects the chemical composition of the collagen peptide and gelatin produced from them. Marine collagen from ocean-dwelling fish is often made from blends of different species. Only single-source collagen can deliver the same unique amino acid profile consistently, time after time.

At Vinh Wellness, we exercise total control of production as well as over our raw ingredients. Our ASC-certified aquaculture unit controls every aspect of the fish’s lifecycle, from breeding and feeding to harvesting and processing. Collagen and gelatin derived from a single source in this unique manner has the duel advantages of uniformity and traceability. Buyers know that the resulting product is verifiably safe, pure, and produced in an ethical and environmentally-sustainable manner from the start.

Traceability:The world’s most traceable collagen peptide and gelatin

How can you be sure that your wild-caught fish were not tainted with plastics or heavy metals or captured with non-sustainable fishing methods? In practice, you can’t. Most producers can trace their products back to their processing plant. But only Vinh Wellness can trace our product all the way back to its raw ingredients. We breed and farm our own fish to use as source ingredients. This allows us to maintain total control over the entire production chain.


“The raw ingredients Vinh Wellness uses to make its collagen peptide and gelatin undergo more rigorous certification than most producers’ end products”

Collagen and gelatin derived from a single source in this manner has the dual advantages of uniformity and complete traceability. How else could one ensure that the source ingredients were produced safely, sustainably, and ethically? Our aquaculture facilities are certified by Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Global Good Aquaculture Practices (GlobalGAP), AquaGAP, Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), British Retail Consortium for Food Safety (BRC), International Food Standard, Version 4, Quality Management ISO 9001, Environmental Management ISO 14001 — and that’s even before we begin turning it into collagen peptides and gelatin. In fact, Vinh Wellness raw ingredients undergo more rigorous certification than most producers’ end products.

Purity:You know exactly what you’re getting — every time

Absolute uniformity can be boring — unless you are sourcing collagen peptide and gelatin. That’s what makes Vinh Wellness single-source products the most exciting innovation since the development of marine collagen three decades ago. When dealing with marine collagen, there is a great risk that the fish used to make the collagen were mixed. Single-source processing eliminates this risk.

This is significant because different fish have different amino acid profiles in their skin and bones that wind up defining the amino acid profile of the collagen or gelatin product. With Vinh Wellness, you get the exact same amnio acid profile because we use exactly the same species of sustainably-raised, tropical freshwater fish in our process.

Also, Vinh Wellness collagen peptide and gelatin are produced onsite from our own single-source fish. Our fish skins are processed fresh, typically within 24 hours of the fish being caught. This practice ensures the integrity of our products. It also minimizes waste since the fresher the fish, the more collagen that can be extracted from it, resulting in greater yield per kilo of fish.

Sustainability:Certified sustainable by the world’s toughest regulatory bodies.

Consumers today take sustainability seriously. This can raise questions if wild-caught fish are the source ingredients of your collagen. It’s common knowledge that overfishing and other non-sustainable practices are putting a great strain on aquatic eco-systems the world over.

Unlike with wild-capture ocean fish, Vinh Wellness’ farm-raised, freshwater aquaculture methods are certified sustainable. Our fish also have a vastly smaller carbon footprint than terrestrial species like beef- or pork- based products. Even among other farm-raised fish such as salmon, we offer a greatly reduced carbon footprint and decreased overall environmental impact. Put simply: You will not find a more environmentally- sustainable collagen peptide or gelatin product on the market.

In fact, Vinh Wellness’ aquaculture and processing facilities have earned practically every international certification for environmental and social responsibility. If you are looking to boost the sustainability profile of your products, then Vinh Wellness single-source ingredients are the safest bet.

Responsibility:A truly transparent organization provides greater clarity for you and your customers.

How often are there news reports of trusted brands tarnished by their suppliers? This is often because their suppliers were found to be harming the environment, cutting corners on product safety, or operating their business unethically. That’s a risk no brand needs to take. 

From the beginning, Vinh Wellness has based its business on ethical, transparent practices that are socially responsible and consistently exceed quality requirements. To prove this, we have opened our doors to the world’s most stringent international certifying bodies. We also open our doors to you. 

We are proud of the organization we have built and eagerly invite interested parties to visit Vinh Wellness to let us show you how we work. This level of supplier transparency is something that adds value to any brand and every product you sell.