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    Vinh Wellness collagen peptides and gelatin come from our own sustainably-raised, tropical, food-grade, freshwater fish — a highly stable, fully traceable, single source. The result is an exceptionally consistent product, ideally suited to the most demanding applications.

Marine: The Next Generation Collagen

Marine-derived collagen delivers a wide range of benefits over porcine, bovine, and other sources.


With its low molecular weight, collagen peptide derived from fish offers superior absorption and bioavailability compared with porcine and bovine collagen. Plus, the risk of illness is minimized with marine collagen – not the case with other animal sources, which have been associated with disease transfer to humans.

Additionally, marine-based collagen peptides and gelatin contain no pork or beef products. This makes them widely accepted across cultures and religions. For instance, all Vinh Wellness collagen products are Halal certified.

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Freshwater:The Next Generation Marine Collagen

Unique advantages of Tropical Freshwater Collagen

While marine collagen from saltwater species offers clear advantages over other animal sources, collagen derived from tropical freshwater fish provides even greater benefits. Here are the top four advantages of marine collagen from tropical freshwater.

Compatibility: More of the right building blocks delivered to cells

It’s a fact that Marine collagen has superior absorption and bioavailability compared to bovine- or porcine-sourced collagen. But, how much of the fish-based collagen peptide that reaches cells is actually useful? That, of course, depends on what amino acids are present in the collagen. And, that depends on the source of the collagen. Our tropical freshwater collagen offers a unique advantage in this aspect over all other marine sources.

At the molecular level, the collagen structure contained in an animal’s skin is heavily influenced by the temperature in which it lives. An animal that lives at room temperature will develop collagen similar to that of other species living at the same temperature, including humans. The more similar marine collagen is to human collagen, the better.

Compatibility: More of the right building blocks delivered to cells

While ocean fish may seem like a good source of collagen, their skin is adapted to cold saltwater, resulting in collagen that is quite different from that found in terrestrial species. By contrast, our farm-raised pangasius (pangasius hypophthalmus) spend their entire lives in fresh, room-temperature water. The result is a collagen that more closely resembles the amino acid profile of human skin compared to other marine sources. This means that more of the amino acids that are delivered to the cells are actually viable and can be metabolized through various anabolic processes.

Purity: Exceptional purity with no heavy metals

Collagen peptides and gelatin sourced from freshwater, tropical fish offer unmatched purity. Studies have shown that marine collagen taken from ocean-going fish can be contaminated with heavy metals and other contaminants. Our freshwater, farm-raised fish minimize this risk. And, because Vinh Wellness collagen is single-source, you get a level of product uniformity—batch-to-batch and year-to-year— that would otherwise be impossible to match.

Scent: Freshwater imparts less odor and taste

Collagen peptides and gelatin sourced from sea fish contain higher levels of sodium, which can influence taste. Since Vinh Wellness collagen peptide and gelatin products are sourced from freshwater fish, they are naturally low in sodium. Also, marine collagen made from ocean-dwelling fish is often produced by blending the skins from a wide variety of species. In addition to the lack of traceability and uniformity, this practice is more likely to add unwanted odors and flavors to the collagen—not an issue with our highly controlled, single-source, freshwater production.

Efficacy: Unique beneficial amino acid chains

Vinh Wellness collagen peptides and gelatin contain a unique amino acid profile. Our single-source pangasius hypophthalmus contain more hydroxyproline and proline than any other marine collagen source. It also contains more isoleucine, leucine, lysine, phenylalanine, and valine. In addition to providing specific health benefits, our single-source processing means Vinh Wellness can deliver this unique amino acid profile consistently, batch-to-batch and year-to-year.

The Vinh Wellness Advantage

Vinh Wellness collagen peptide and gelatin offer all the advantages of marine collagen — and more. Single- source products address consumers’ growing desire for safety, purity, environmental responsibility, and complete traceability. All Vinh Wellness collagen peptides and gelatin come from one source: our own certified-sustainable, farm-raised, single-species, food-grade, freshwater tropical fish. No other company in the world has such a remarkably uniform, controlled, and abundant source of freshwater marine collagen. Learn about how Vinh Wellness single-source products could enhance your brand’s claims and image.

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